As you all know PUBG is an online shooting game. It is the abbreviation of Player Unknown Battle Ground. In this game, a player can play individually, in a pair, or in a group called a squad. A player has to shoot and aim at the same time. Also, he has to search for medical supplies, weapons, guards, and other resources.

PUBG is a “battle royal” game, developed by KRAFTON and PUBG Corporation in 2017 for PC only.

Well to understand PUBG, let’s first discuss the concept of Battle royal.

What is Battle Royal?

“Battle Royale” is a novel written by Koushun Takami in which characters have to fight till death. In 2000, a Japanese cult film with the same name and concept was released. More details about battle royal are available here.

The basic idea is not only surviving on a deserted island but also living between murderess and to win too.

It is a fact that to win a battle royal a player faces many challenges through stress. But with a clear mind and using different strategies he can survive.

 History of battle royal games

The first implementation of this concept was done by Daybreak Game Company “H1Z1” in 2015. The game was flopped soon after its release but provided a base for similar games in the future.

In 2017, PUBG and Fortnite were launched by two different companies with the same Development engine “Unreal Engine”, as used in “H1Z1”.

The arrival of PUBG and Fortnite provided extreme popularity to battle royal and it majorly affected the age of most of the games. Both old games such as Call of Duty and new games like apex legend (and many others ) adopted the battle royal games. Thus, battle royal change the overall scenario of shooting games produced in the game industry.

Enough History

The PUBG pc ruled the gaming world for almost 4 years until they introduced PUBG mobile. PUBG mobile is using the same concept of the game but it is developed for mobile devices. Just like PUBG, PUBG mobile also reached the same heights, from esports to PMPL pro league.

You can say, it was a long journey for KRAFTON.

How PUBG reached everyone

The advancement of social media and the availability of mobile devices to mass majority are key factors in promoting PUBG. Through many online social platforms, people from all around the world came to know the advantages of PUBG mobile.

The best part is that PUBG mobile can be accessed by anyone who has a mobile phone. So people started playing PUBG and it got fame which is increasing day by day.

Advantages of playing PUBG

Playing games is always good for once mental and physical health. This includes both physical as well as electronic games. However, a balance should be made between studying and playing games and in performing other activities of life.

  1. PUBG does have some positive effects such as improving alertness and coordination skills among the players.
  2. It also improves cognitive abilities such as the thinking and targeting abilities of a person.
  3. The best thing about PUBG is that it is free.
  4. If played wisely, PUBG can not only freshen your mind.
  5. It can also help connect with people all over the world.

Disadvantages of playing PUBG

Well, this is a fact that in every online social platform only the achievements, rewards, and advantages are shared, but to know the dark side of something a little research is required “Which no one does”.

PUBG has several negative impacts on humans especially the youth.

  1. First, PUBG increases violent tendencies in a person. Since it is a shooting game, it causes aggressive emotions, behavior, and thoughts.
  2. PUBG increases depression, stress, and anxiety levels in a person, which is not good for mental health.
  3. Playing PUBG all the time makes a person isolated and less social. Once addicted, a person doesn’t want to go out and even spend time with his family.
  4. Sitting in one place and playing games continuously is not good for physical health.
    • The person becomes lazy.
    • Looking at a screen for a long time can reduce eyesight and lead to a headache.
    • Whereas sitting alert and focused for a long time makes one tired and restless.
  5. Besides the waste of time, which can be used in other productive activities, PUBG also involves the waste of money. A player has to spend money to purchase the ROYAL PASS (which includes weapons, skins, etc.)

Another perspective

To understand the disadvantages of playing PUBG we should first discuss the difference between a competitive gamer and a normal person.

A Competitive gamer and a normal person

A competitive gamer is someone who played games from a very early age and has not only skills such as reflection. But the person also knows how to handle stress and not to get depressed.

A normal person on the other hand has never touched any kind of game.

There are no disadvantages of PUBG for a Competitive gamer because for him it is like daily life work.

On the other hand, the fame of PUBG has also reached normal persons. They have never played any game in their entire life. For them, there are many disadvantages.

Why PUBG is not for everyone

When a normal person or a local worker who has a mobile phone was told about PUBG. That in this game players get millions of dollars for killing other players.

This piqued their interest and many normal people started playing PUBG. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that PUBG also has a dark side to it.

The idea of surviving by killing, and a game in which a single mistake of a teammate can cause the whole squad to lose produced so much stress in the normal persons.

Consequently, several incidents from suicide to killing the whole family are reported in recent years. Just to think they can be revived again.

PUBG corporation also took many precautions to provide such incidents, and many countries also banned PUBG yet still these cases are not reduced.

To conclude, playing games is a good hobby but spending all of your time, efforts, health, and wealth on a game is not a wise decision.

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