You have a lot of things and tasks to remember these days and you definitely want to automate them. There would be many routine tasks you may want to remove from your priority list. In this article, you will learn about the top 5 home automation projects. You can apply these projects to make your life smarter. These projects are interesting if you are a tech lover, a hobbyist, or just like to apply them as well.

If you do not have enough idea of home automation, you can learn the basics of home automation and whether it is beneficial or necessary for us.

When it comes to making your home smarter, many people just don’t know where to start. Following are 5 basic beginners’ smart home projects:

  • Automated medicine reminder
  • Automated pool controller
  • Automatic curtains
  • Smart security system
  • Automatic heating system

These smart home projects are not only interesting but also easy to develop. So, you can do it yourself (DIY) to make your life more luxurious, efficient, and less complicated.

Let’s get started and discuss them in detail:

1.      Automated medicine reminder

When it comes to our family, we want them to be always healthy and lively. Unfortunately, if some of our loved ones got ill and they forget to take medicine on time we would be worried for them.

Similarly in a hospital, it is difficult to remind each patient to take medicine on time. Even sometimes the patient forgets to take medicine on time or may get confused whether certain medicine has already been taken and which one to take next. It’s nearly impossible for a doctor or a paramedical staff to be available and remember this for each patient.

Well to avoid such conditions and confusion the idea of “automated medicine reminder” is pretty much effective.

An “automated medicine reminder” is a fantastic idea that can help a patient in taking medicine on time. Keeping the record of medicine intake regularly is compulsory for all the patients, especially in old age.

The functionality of an “automated medicine reminder” is to remind a patient to take medicine on time. This is achieved using a timer to set an alarm. An “automated medicine reminder” can be developed using an Arduino board.

Arduino is a microprocessor board that is used to develop many smart things (The daily life objects which can process data) e.g., atomic clocks, electron microscopes, and the list go on and on.

2.      Automated pool controller

If you have ever dreamed of controlling your pool with just a tap, the time has come to make your dream come true. Pool automation is helpful, especially for pool owners. Let’s have a look at this idea.

An automated pool controller can be considered a part of a luxury life. But it is included in the top 5 list because maintaining your swimming pool manually is not an easy task.

By installing an automated pool controller system, you would be then able to manage the sanitation cycles, filtration system, heating process, and lightning of the pool. You can also maintain the water temperature and control or adjust water pump of the pool or even set a schedule of performing these tasks automatically.

Working of pool automation system

Pool automation system helps you in connecting your pools equipment to a central hub through Wi-Fi. Afterward, you can control them from your smartphone via apps or software.

There are numerous devices or programs which you can use to control your pool in different ways as discussed earlier. One of the best software which I am recommending is

As there are various parts in a water pool, selecting the right parts for automation is the main question. Following is a list of pool parts which can be automated.

  • Temperature controller – it controls the pool heater to set the temperature of the water.
  • Chlorinators – it monitors salt level and adjust chlorine output into the pool.
  • Lightning of pool – you can control the color and intensity of the lights of the pool via smartphones.
  • Pool pumps – help to control the flow or pressure of water and to turn your pump on or off.

The next question is how they can be automated? The answer is a pool automation system. But, the installation of an automatic pool controller is pretty much costly (it ranges from $1,500 to $3,500).

3.      Automatic curtains

The concept of smart curtains is not a complicated one at all. Just simple motors are fitted with normal curtains to upgrade them. They then become automated and can be controlled even remotely.

A device (commonly known as Switchbot) is used to open curtains on a specific time. It is the curtain motor device that makes your conventional curtain into a smart one.

For further explanation there is not rocket science behind it, it just has a timer feature that helps in making a schedule for opening and closing of curtains on a specific set time.

The features included in smart curtains are

  • Automatic opening and closing of curtains – the main feature of smart curtains is that it frees you from rising from your couch or bed and then opening the curtains manually. The smart curtains can be operated via a smartphone while you are lying on your couch.
  • Changing designs – another remarkable feature of smart curtain is its style or design. The design can be changed remotely, so it will not bore you from viewing the same pattern.
  • Lightning control – lights can also be controlled and altered manually depending upon your mood.

The idea of smart curtains can be considered as the first step in converting your home to a smart home.  As this article is for home automation lovers who want to implement these small hacks to convert their houses to smart one, you can start from curtains.

Well, the cost of smart curtains depends upon the number of windows for which curtains are required. But according to a calculation it costs $1,500 for a single window, which is quite expensive. is one of the best companies for smart curtains. It has an experience of more than 50 years in manufacturing soft and comfortable curtains. Moreover, these curtains are infused with several French designs which give you full control over creating different ambiances in different parts of the house depending upon your mood. These curtains also have a lightning feature included.

4.      Smart security system

A smart security system is a network of computers and security devices used to protect your home. On these systems some form of access control techniques are implemented, such as encryption, password protection, or other access control mechanisms. The purpose is to keep unauthorized persons out of home.

Smart security systems help you monitor your home and take quick actions even remotely. It provides the facility to keep an eye on intruders around your house. A smart security system ultimately makes you safer. It is composed of different devices ranging from smart smoke detectors to smart home locks.

Using a smart security system enables you to customize, monitor, and manage your security systems (door sensors to CCTV footages) anywhere anytime through your smartphones.

You may ask why a smart security system is so important? So here is the clarification.

The home security system is important to protect your property and its equipment from natural disasters and from being theft and from robbery as well.

Following are some common security-related devices that can be automated to make them smart enough to be controlled remotely.

  • CCTV Cameras
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Devices used to track intruders
  • Emergency alarm

Working of smart security system

A smart security system is composed of a wireless alarm system that works by using wireless communication protocols such as Zigbee, or Z-wave. Sometimes a company’s own proprietary radio protocol is used to allow the sensors you place around your home to talk to the hub. The hub then uses a cellular connection to communicate outside the home (as a backup Wi-Fi is used mostly).

5.      Automatic Heating System

One of the costliest activities during winter season is to keep your home heated. As the fuel is getting expensive day by day, our budget is stretching, especially in winters.

But are you heating our homes efficiently?

As most of the time, our homes get overheated which passes through what is a pretty comfortable condition. And sometimes we also heat rooms which we don’t occupy.

But the solution to this problem is an automatic thermostat, which can be controlled remotely. The most popular is the Nest thermostat. If you are interested, you can purchase it from here.

Is it necessary to have an automatic heating system?

Here are some conditions which show the importance of an automatic heating system in your life.

  • Imagine you are coming with your family from a tour and it is cold outside. You wish if you could somehow start your heater and set a decent temperature in the living room.
  • Conversely, you have left the house and then you remember that you haven’t turned off the heater and no one is present in back home to turn it off.

In both of the above cases, you would wish to control your heating system automatically and remotely.

Like these situations there are several other circumstances on which you will recognize the importance of automatic heating systems in our lives.

The automatic heating system is an important plan which helps in utilizing your resources to heat the whole house or any individual room. It also helps in monitoring and managing all the connected devices (heaters) and eventually, it will help in saving money as well.

Well, these are some handsome projects or ideas to upgrade your home to a smarter one. Hopefully, this would have been a useful article for you.

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