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About Automatella.com

About Automatella.com

Experience the modern way of SMART living with Automatella. Automatella.com is not only a hub of information covering different aspects of Home Automation. But it also provides research and technology-based solutions to Home Automation problems.

We can accommodate several projects in the field of smart space development (specifically home automation). We provide beginner to advance level knowledge, and guidance related to Home Automation domain via our blogs.

We also offer Online Courses to provide in-depth knowledge of the subject. We can also help you in developing your smart environment by offering consultancy services.

Automatella.com is a project of Bin Aziz Technologies. Bin Aziz Technologies is focused on providing research and technology-based solutions to long-standing public sector problems.



We can guide you in developing your home, office, or environment SMART.

Smart Products

We provide access to search and purchase products that you may need in your Smart Home.

Online Courses

We offer online courses related to Smart Environment development and how to live in them.


Our team of experts is available to help in completing your research or development of Smart home projects.

App Development

We offer fully customizable App development for iOS and Android platform.

Website Development

We offer fully professional ecommerce website development both using popular CMS such as WordPress, Magento.

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We are a full-service digital company

We are a full-service digital company

We also offer software development services. We develop Web and mobile Apps that you need.

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